This is Florian from Hamburg.

Welcome to my blog. I write about data science, deep learning, and the books I’ve read on those topics.

In my professional work, I am interested in product development, computer vision, and the intersection of these two.

I focus on building products that use deep learning to understand human motion in videos. I have worked in projects building human activity recognition and gesture recognition for the German automotive industry. My last job was to help build an interactive fitness app that understands if you are performing your workout correctly. Right now, I am leading a team to build a movement analysis product for the health sector.

The technical aspects are only part of what excites me. I enjoy working in teams that believe in agile values and are willing to self-inspect and constantly improve their way of working.

In (what feels like) a previous career, I worked as a web developer, building websites and browser-based apps. This taught me to put the user at the center of every product decision – a helpful reminder when working with technology.

Say hello.

Do you have something to talk about? Find me on LinkedIn or drop me a line at florian@casualcoding.com.


Since 2021AI Lead at LifeBonusHamburg
2017–2021AI Engineer (and later Team Lead) at Twenty Billion NeuronsBerlin and remote
2017M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of HamburgHamburg
2016Co-founded Album Up, a web service for photographersHamburg
2013–2017Web developer and open-source contributor (part-time) at YOOthemeHamburg
2012–2013Web developer at Showcase Software LtdWellington, NZ
2012B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of HamburgHamburg
Vita (overview only)

Selected Projects

For more code, browse my Github.

Publication, Deep Learning

Letsch, F., Jirak, D., & Wermter, S. (2019). Localizing salient body motion in multi-person scenes using convolutional neural networks. Neurocomputing330, 449-464.


Note: Still published under my birth name “Letsch”

Hackathon, Data Science

In April 2020, I participated in the AI for Good Hackathon, taking place remotely. Our team of four analyzed satellite and location data, practiced our Data Science skills, and created visualizations.

My post about the hackathon

Side project, web development

3 friends and I co-founded Album Up, a premium service for photographers to deliver photos to their clients. The service was online from 2016 to 2021.

albumup.com (offline since December 2021)

Side project, web development

Online service to showcase which podcasts you are listening to.

podcastprofile.com (offline since December 2021)