Recent personal projects

  • Stickerabo: Being the result of 2014’s startup weekend in Hamburg, stickerabo is my first endeavour into the businessy realm of startups. Together with my business partner, we are trying to bring free stickers to enthusiasts all over Germany. Our core idea is to find brands who see a value in having their stickers distributed to a targeted audience.
  • Kinect Juggling. A university project in image processing: Real time tracking of juggling balls using the Kinect.
  • Festivalfuchs. A simple idea of collecting cool gadgets for music festivals and profiting off Amazon’s partner links.

For clients

  • Malte Peter. Website of juggler and dancer Malte Peter. Realized using Cockpit CMS and UIkit front-end framework. Tasks: Design, front-end, CMS integration.
  • Mignon Genuss und Spektakel. Website for a Hamburg based event and catering company. Tasks: CMS integration (WordPress). Custom page layouts.

Involved in bigger things

  • Apart from being a student, I am a part time developer at YOOtheme in Hamburg. An exciting part of that is being involved in the development of Pagekit und UIkit. Cool stuff.

Ancient and tiny things

  • imgur 2 gifstream. Takes an imgur album and converts it into a gifstream JSON format.
  • War of the words. A little in-browser typing game.
  • txt. A tiny in-browser text adventure.
  • rgb. There be colours.